Friday, April 22, 2005

"Alley Light"

Another recent woodcut. 5" x 6" on MDF. I am trying to understand the allure of doing these woodcuts and prints. I think that it is a combination of things. First, it is alot of physical work and alot of thinking which I find that can be very satisfying. It is also allowing me to venture more into the abstact and to not be so focused on detail and all of the minutae that I get drawn into when I am painting. Plus there is the thrill of pulling the first proof/print. Paintings develop slowly, but the results are always right there in front of you. With prints, you do all the work and then "get a copy" to see how successful you have been in your expression. All in all, it is proving to be an enjoyable journey into discovering new and different modes of expression. With my painting I was feeling stagnated and locked into something that, although was working, was feeling contrived and flat. So, yesterday Painting, today printmaking and tomorrow.....? What a wonderful journey to be embarked upon! Jim

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